Stockholm Open was the brain-child of the veteran tennis star Sven Davidson. In March 1969 he received a letter from Dallas asking him to arrange a competition in Sweden with WTC contract pros plus more or less 'white' amateurs from all over the world, including Sweden.

Sven Davidson was enthusiastic about the idea. He approached his friend Hans-Åke Sturén who was knowledgeable about competitions, and three other people to form a committee to plan the event. The committee sold the event to a number of sponsors, raised a positive response from the Royal Tennis Hall and, most importantly, television bought the idea. On 12th May 1969, twelve clubs were invited to join in the project that was already technically financially secure. The clubs agreed and on 23rd November the first match was played in the successful tournament, aimed at not making a loss, achieve as much publicity for tennis and be as profitable as possible for the eight main backers. You can read about the 32 Stockholm Open tournaments - now called If Stockholm Open and arranged by the Royal Lawn Tennis Club, Salk and the Stockholm Tennis Association - in the HISTORY year by year.